Friday, September 20, 2013

Wachau Wonderland - Melk to Krems

The 38km bike ride from Melk to Krems at first felt like a daunting undertaking. But it takes an extra-ordinary track to push two novice cyclists to go further and further into lush green fields flanked by mountains and a meandering river that just keeps getting better.


The "Donauradweg" route was comprehensively marked and we decided to ride on the south bank till Spitz and then cross-over by ferry to the North bank, as suggested by the experienced. That was the plan at least, until we religiously followed the signs to Krems  (instead of Aggstein) and for some reason crossed over at the bridge instead. Damn! But I'm not sure if we missed anything as the ride was spectacular anyway. 


We rode through rich green fields and beautiful terraced vineyards, tasted wine en route, scored delicious fruits from generous locals and could not get our eyes off the marvellous river. Most of the towns (such as Willendorf) were charming but Durnstein was Danube's traffic-free crown jewel and it came in many shades of apricot!



View of Richard the Lion Heart's castle ruins from Durnstein station