Sunday, September 1, 2013


Frankfurt figured nowhere in our list of places to visit but the idea of making Frankfurt our base for day trips around wasn't a bad idea after all. 

In the end, Frankfurt ended up being a lot of fun! With some serious bits:

Point Alpha
As a precursor to our impeding visit to Checkpoint Charlie (Berlin), we drove 2 hrs to a village called Geisa for Point Alpha, a cold war US observation post that overlooked a part of the "Fulda" gap, a hypothetical invasion route during the Cold War. It was flanked by endless views of the mountain range Taunus and beautiful quiet surrounds, a chilling contrast to the realities of the country's division.

Bike Night ON the Autobahn
We were quite excited to just drive on the Autobahn, riding a bike on it was a different thrill! The 3000 cyclists who turned up seemed pretty excited too for this rare opportunity. Bragging rights for cycling on the autobahn - tick. A good ride always deservers a good meal! 

Bike Ride to Hochst
Our epic bike ride on the Autobahn had us wanting for another ride and this time we chose a 30km ride out to a picturesque suburb of Frankfurt called Hochst with an early Roman settlement. A favourite amongst the locals with narrow pedestrianised streets and half timbered houses leading to the castle. On our break en route, we were nearly sucked into the river by tides from a passing vessel but manage to "save" most things! We know what not to do on a floating platform now.

Beautiful Hochst