Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Princely Prague

Let's intertwine short cobblestone streets, then line them up with luxury boutiques, glittering crystal shops, scattered alfresco dining and backdrop a grand spired skyline of castles that leads to a glorious statue-bedecked bridge - Viola you have Prague!  

We had a great time in this very well preserved Bohemian capital that we can attribute to many things. A very informative and aussie-humour (!) filled royal walking tour with all things Charles IV was useful orientation for Day 1. Add sinful kürtős kalács (or hungarian chimney cakes) to that. 

Gothic St Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle Complex


A bumpy (forgot about the cobblestones!) but enjoyable bike ride to Letna Park and the less-visited Vyšehrad Castle across the Vltava river gave us a different feel of Czech on Day 3. While the ride took less than 30 minutes, cobblestones slowly disappeared and scanty neighbourhoods appeared. Bumped into a ginger bread museum/shop on our return journey via Prague castle - Shraddha's priorities were clear.

Vyšehrad Castle

Vyšehrad Castle Interior
Back in old town, your mission should you choose to accept it is to avoid Karlova street and its gazillion tourists at all costs. Accepted=Fun! 

All ends well with tasty czech food and tank pilsner at a modern beer hall Lokál but photos reserved (again) for the food blog.