Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lac Blanc - Mirror Mirror Who Is The Mightiest Of Them All

The adjoining towns to Chamonix were just as spectacular but one we could not miss was Argentiere, 15km north of Chamonix. It was also the town with the starting point for the trail to Lac Blanc, where famous photos of the reflection of Mont Blanc are usually shot. But as luck would have it with a classic twist, our camera battery died after a few clicks and we were left alone to reflect on our own glory. Aargh!

The Mont-Blanc trails guide and map were our holy books during the climb. 

Don't be fooled by the 2.5hr estimate at the beginning of the trail. It easily takes 3.5 - 4 hours ascent and 2 hrs of descent. 

Start - 1250 m
End - 2352 m
Contingency Plan - Beg and plead to stay over at a Chalet en route!

Following the red trail via Baraque Forestiere the winding path gains significant elevation and leads to Chalet des Cheserys. It's already mind-blowingly beautiful by now and we get constant views of the Chamonix needles.

Sharp second left turn after about 70m gradually opens up views to 5 lovely lakes that grow grander with the climb and we finally reach the "+" sign on the map. Not as bad as I thought it would be, it involved climbing steep ladders and rock walls with either boulders with a natural step or well placed wooden logs. Nothing compared to our Tegelberg climb and all worth it for a great trail!

In the interest of time, we took the alternate route back (still via Chalet des Cheserys) feeling content and achieved and famish. 

Jaw dropping views, scrumptious food, renowned beer (Brasserie du Mont Blanc) and traditional french delicacies made it really hard to leave this wonderful town. For hiking haven, the towns of Mont Blanc are certainly the place to be!