Friday, November 1, 2013

Gaudi's Barcelona - Structure's Come Alive in this Catalan Capital

Antoni Gaudi
Barcelona is Gaudi. The city is a testimony of this rules-defying catalan architect's genius, that resonates a common theme in its art nouveau structures - inspiration from the forms of nature. Through his work, Gaudi has expertly brought together unique concepts, graceful style and unusual utilitarian structures. 

These were a few things that I found particularly impressive: 

Firstly, the Gaudi style: distinct and revolutionarily bold. Gaudi quite obviously had the courage to disregard formal order and had a fascination for unconventionalism. Secondly, the ease with which Gaudi applied science in his art work. For example the use of darker shades on the upper floors with natural light, provides the viewer with an even colour tone. Lastly, Gaudi's success in forming crucial professional partnerships as sponsors of his work, right from the inception of his career, is noteworthy considering his often criticised non-conventional style. 

Visting Gaudi's masterpieces was a visual treat and now that I'm finally clear of the convoluted names, here they are!

Casa Mila - Too Futuristic?

This former private residence of an affluent couple was scorned upon by locals for an almost "monstrous" design. Today, a UNESCO listed world-heritage site! 

It is also believed George Lucas' visit to Barcelona prior to his Star War series inspired the design of one of celluloid's greatest characters. Resemblance anyone ?!

Casa Batlló - A Marine Marvel

Marine forms come alive in a different light at Gaudi's Casa Batllo. 

Park Güell - Park or Paleo-park?

The craziest looking park that I've ever been to!

Sagrada Familia - The crown jewel

Gaudi's unfinished crown, the Sagradia temple has construction cranes looming over since 1862. One of the most magnificent structures in the world - this one will need a revisit in 2020!