Friday, August 30, 2013

Gouda - Churched Out, Cheesed In

Our love for Gouda cheese dragged us to this small town only to realise that it had more to offer. But that didn't distract us and we remained focussed on the cheese; in all its flavours, smell and colours ;)

Okay and maybe the 15th century gothic town hall - How could one miss that!


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bruges - Venice of the North

Our original itinerary did not feature Belgium. However, we ended up there due to strong recommendations from our London cousins and we were thankful indeed. The 3 hours train ride from Amsterdam was well worth it.

Apart from being a picturesque little medieval town surrounded by canals, it had original flemish architecture to offer. Colourful narrow alleyways with an array of houses and UNESCO heritage-listed big market square filled this town.
As many have witnessed to-date, the view from Rozenhoedkaai was the most stunning.
We also could not have left without some yummy Belgium chocolates and hesitantly paid tourist prices for it!
En route from the station

Beguinage Bridge

Background of tower of Church of our Lady & The Belfry

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Quality Family Time in Classy Cambridge

With all the frivolous traveling, it was time to feel a bit scholarly and so we satisfied our temporary academic desires by making a trip to Cambridge. 

And oh boy, how much we longed to be back at school! 

College gates were impressive, gardens were neatly manicured, shops and eateries were ultra-modern. The place was oozing with elegance. It also had a round church (!), the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

We spent most of our time at Trinity College and neo-classical Kings College which bragged of notable graduates. 

To finish the trip in equal pomp, we stayed overnight at our uncle's tastefully decorated grand english home in the outskirts of Cambridge. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

London City In Two Half-Days

Sightseeing London in 2 half days meant committing a big traveling crime. 

However, we refused to hop on any big red hop off bus and our fast-moving cousins were soon mapping out short, smart and efficient paths to our points of interest using London's underground. 

There was lots to see and do but we were time poor, certain to return for a longer period later, it was just another "city" for us and an aussie sun wasn't out anyway! We did miss the sun but we were wrong about it being just another "city". 

Beyond the hustle of bustling Londoners on the hop, big groups of tourists and sophisticated arab shoppers; it was hard to miss the tectonic stateliness of the city. Grandeur came in shades of white and gold structures, towering columns, royal circles and greener parks.

Vegetable wellington and classic fish and chips at Cafe Abbalanch was a top choice by our cousins for lunch on Day 1 while the historic Borough Food Markets on Day 2 left us salivating for more

Nothing failed to impress; even the tower bridge.

Palace of Westminster & Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben)
Palace of Westminster

Vegetable Wellington