Monday, November 4, 2013

Seville - Where Small Bars Are

A decade in Sydney brought about a true sense of appreciation of our trendy bars and upmarket nightclubs, often too quick to identify the absence of these in other parts of the world. Seville's bars are reflective of everything that bars in Sydney are not, and I still just loved every bit of it. 

The size of Seville bars barely exceeded 10 footsteps in length, but I attribute my attraction to it for the overall experience. A lazy visit to the bar begins as shamelessly early as 8 a.m., not for alcohol, but for "caffe con leche" (coffee with milk) and "tostado con mantaquilla y mermelada" (toast with butter and jam). We could not get enough of the outstanding coffee served by our local bar "La Fresque" and I could not get enough of their toast with duck pate, a choice some would call dubious as the first meal of the day. Lunch & dinner has the locals upgrading to more heartier tapas selections and ofcourse accompanying the order with sangria, the latter arriving within seconds. 

The modest bar sizes rarely seem to matter because with warm weather for a good part of the year, eating drinking and chatting all takes places outdoors. Sevillians do really seem to believe that the real value of a meal is the social interaction. The interior of bars here sport a consistent ambience, fewer people and huge haunches of hanging Iberian ham.

4 nights in the Andalusian capital gave us the opportunity to trial 14 different bars and none were bigger than a living room! I really couldn't pick one over the other, however the "top rated" bar in Seville (at the time) is probably one you don't want to miss. It goes by the name "El Rinconcillo" and serves some tasty and characterstically well presented tapas.




After dinner drinks and more dinner