Monday, October 21, 2013

Paris Street Styles - Fashion Is An Attitude!

I had a mental image of the kind of style and fashion that I would find on the streets of Paris. Being spoilt for style on Sydney streets, I must admit my expectations were pretty high! 

Well groomed, well dressed and style in everything; (including riding a push bike) is what we found to be the identity of a typical Parisienne. 

Abundant on the streets were staple Chanels, off-the-rack LVs, classy oxfords, big hair, fisherman knits, bright pinks, today's navy, leather still hot and evergreen denim. There was hardly anyone without make-up, many with messy hair that looked very purposeful, fancy shopping bags and striking prints everywhere. 

Right from students, to girls next door and stunning music artists  - all were individually styled but blending in to make the streets of Paris a pretty good-looking place to be! 

After all, the city is the HQ of european style with ateliers of most big french houses and exudes an appreciation of style on its streets. 

Starting with a shy photographer and a bold presenter who did all 
the asking!