Monday, September 2, 2013

Heaps in Heidelberg

Our day trip to Heidelberg was packed to the brim. In hindsight, we probably should have stayed over and enjoyed this neckar town with less haste. The number of things that we did, makes us want to use a list.  

  • Heidelberg Castle: Well nice castle but even nicer pharmacy museum. 
  • Heidelberg Tun: World's largest wine barrel (also known as Tun)
  • Philsopher's Walk: Vineyards-laden and creative space of famous philosophers such as Eichendorff. By no means a stroll but the hike leads to many postcard worth views of the town and the castle. All our bird-eye shots were from the top of Heiligenberg (Saint's Mountain) which is what the walk leads to.
  • Old Bridge: With a conglomeration of locks fastened for eternal love by those from far and near. A tradition with unknown beginnings! 
  • Yummy "Schneeball" pastries!

Heidelberg Castle

Pharmacy Museum

Old Bridge

Love Locks