Monday, September 16, 2013

Schwangau Romance

Assimilating the fairy-tale grandeur of Schloss Neuschwanstein meant taking a shot of every facade of this castle and hoping not to find a distressed damsel incarcerated in a tower. Wagner-loving King Ludwig II had certainly epitomised Romanesque splendour in this magnificent structure. Disney could not resist!

The best views were from Marienne bridge but we were determined to get a shot of the front facade that was selling on all the postcards - but learnt from the Fussen info centre that it can only be taken from mid-air! That sounded ridiculous so we visited the less-visited Schwangau info centre and found that while it was true, there was also a trek on Mt. Tegelberg that would give us close to what we wanted to capture. Below is what we saw - splendid indeed!

We ended the day in a pleasantly old-fashioned bavarian restaurant but saving the shots for our food post!